Friday, October 14, 2011

Cracked iPhone and Smart Phone Screens are Everywhere!

I notice cracked cell phone screens everywhere I go now. Before the CellPhone Doctor launched in Louisville, I didn’t realize the need for cell phone repairs. Now I notice the need everywhere I go. Isn’t that the way it always works? You don’t notice that particular model of car until you own one. You don’t notice things until you have a reason to.

Just this week I’ve:

  • Sat at lunch while the guy next to our table scrolled on a cracked Android screen.
  • Watched a movie with my wife while the lady sitting in the next seat over whips out an iPhone with a cracked screen.
  • Heard that one of our contractors had cell phone water damage from leaving his phone in the bottom of a canoe.
  • Saw a friend on Facebook post about cell phone water damage after dropping their phone in the tub, the sink, or the toilet—can’t remember which it was.

In the past, I just assumed the only option was to go buy a new phone. Bummer. I never realized there was a solid solution. Quite frankly, in Louisville, KY, there wasn’t until now. Lucky for us, we now have a go-to for cell phone repair in Louisville.

The CellPhone Doctor is opening its doors on October 28. Read more here or sign up for email updates.

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