Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is there cash in your old cell phone?

Most people don’t realize that their old cell phone is worth money. That’s right. When the time comes to trade in your cell phone, you can sell it to Cell Phone Doctor for cash.

What do you usually do with your old phone when you upgrade to the new model? Do you give it to the salesperson at the store where you’re buying the new phone? If so, then you just paid them to take your phone.

Don’t pay someone to take your phone when you can sell it to Cell Phone Doctor and put that money into your own pocket. And we make it easy. Just bring your phone into our store – we’ll tell you what it’s really worth and pay you cash for it. And there’s no obligation to make a purchase or buy a service plan. Really.

The reason we can make this unique offer is that we can refurbish your old phone and turn it into the “new” phone for someone else. Our Level 3 certified technicians can repair and refurbish just about any model of cell phone. You might even decide to look around while you’re here.

In fact, if you’re only getting a new phone because your old one has a cracked screen or took a dunk in the kitchen sink – maybe we can repair it and save you the hassle of getting another phone. Something to think about.

Of course, if it really is time to get a new phone and you’d rather recycle your old phone, we can take care of that for you too. Now that’s what you call full-service.

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