Friday, November 4, 2011

One Week Down - One Million Cell Phones Repairs To Go

We are off and running! With our first week under our belt we are happy to have helped several cell phone users get their trusty phone repaired, restored, and back into the communication game.

We have also had some great conversations with cell phone users and it’s interesting how these devices had become such an essential part of their lives. Most folks don’t realize that they have many options when their phone is damaged. Whether it’s a water-damaged Smartphone, a cracked iPhone screen, or just general phone wear and tear, users can – get their phone repaired, sell their old phone and use the proceeds to purchase a new one, purchase a refurbished phone that looks and works like new, etc…

Our first week was great, and in the weeks to follow we plan to educate phone users about these options. Because we know that when it comes to today’s technology it’s the well informed consumers that win.

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