Friday, December 2, 2011

Buying or selling - we beat any used cell phone price

Yes, you read that right! We'll beat any price, buying or selling used cell phones. We can buy your used cell phone for the best price – we’ll top any offer made by a competing cell phone store, in-store or online. And we’ll also sell our top-quality refurbished phones for less than any retail price on refurbished cell phones.

You can’t help but come out ahead at The CellPhone Doctor. In fact, if you sell us your used phone and then upgrade to one of our refurbished phones – you can get TWO great deals before you walk out the door. Now how great is that?

We’ve been offering such great money for used cell phones that our selection of refurbished cell phones has become quite extensive. Whether you’re looking for a Smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry or even a basic flip phone – we’ve got you covered.

Did you upgrade to a new cell phone and still have that old one sitting around collecting dust? Right now is the perfect time to sell your old cell phone for cash. Use the money to buy gifts – or take advantage of holiday sale prices to treat yourself to something special.

Come on in to The CellPhone Doctor today to buy or sell a used phone. We guarantee you’ll find the best deals right here.

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