Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should you purchase insurance for your cell phone?

Many cell service providers will try to talk you into purchasing insurance to cover the cost of replacing a damaged or ruined cell phone. But should you do it?

Before you pull the trigger on purchasing insurance, you should first ask your cell phone provider exactly what the insurance will cover. Most insurances cover things like cracks to the face of the phone, which are more easily repaired than other more extensive damages.

Most insurances will cover “accidental damages,” but make sure you know what is classified as an “accident.” Some don’t cover water damage, so be sure you’ll be covered if you drop your phone in the toilet (which happens more than you know) or in a pool or lake.

What about a phone that is a total loss? Be sure to ask whether insurance will cover the cost of a replacement phone.

Insurance comes at a price, too and the cost of insurance varies by service provider. Let’s assume cell phone insurance will cost you an additional $3 to $7 per month. Over a two-year contract, you would be paying anywhere from $72 to $168 more.

Is it worth it to you? That’s the question you should ask yourself. If you’re accident prone, maybe so. Other people, however, will take their chances and save the money each month. And if you’re one of those, the CellPhone Doctor is here and available if your cell phone needs repair.

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