Tuesday, May 22, 2012

STOP Texting While Walking!

How many times has it happened to you, that your texting while walking and somebody bumped you into strangers when crossing the street or moving on the footpath? Probably, you were too involved with texting that you hardly forgot everything else and a car’s honking brought you back to the surrounding reality!
It’s just not you who faces this situation, texting while walking can become rather a growing epidemic.
Don’t be surprised if mentioned that a study conducted by two professors from Stony Brook University, New York, have revealed that people lose their ability to exist within their surrounding reality more often from texting, rather than talking.

It is recognized universally that texting and talking on the cell phones when driving can lead to hazardous accidents.  However, when it comes to texting, you lose track of where you are since your texting binge can get you completely indulged in it. That doesn’t sound less dangerous than having an accident either.
Not just that, lawmakers claim that texting is becoming more of serious threat, not just when on the road driving, but on the footpath walking as well. Many states within the US have already passed laws to ban texting while driving, but to top it off, New Jersey is the first state to pass a law against the texting while walking. It has been  marked as an illegal activity and a fine of $85 will be issued to anyone who is caught texting while walking. Believe it or not, texting has the same effects on your brain as that following alcohol consumption.
Labeled as  ‘dangerous walkers’, New Jersey Police department shows records of 74 reported crashes in 2011 that involved pedestrians who got distracted while they were busy texting away. The study by the two Stony Brook University professors reveals that it becomes difficult to walk on a straight path while typing a text message. That’s 117 violations and 3 deaths due to texting while walking. Bizarre as it may seem, but people can actually end up getting in jail for public violation … for texting!! Imagine the situation of being fined or sent to jail just because you were… texting! But, a crime, no matter how, big or small, is a crime!
In fact, the ban might even advance to banning listening to iPods or mp3 players while walking or running. Kids prefer texting as a better and affordable alternative to making calls. Which is why, it makes them more prone to this rather solemn dilemma.
You can control this… With cell phone monitoring applications, you can quite sufficiently curb this habit of texting and keep a watch on your kids’ activities. Installing the application on their phones will not only let you know where they are going or which place they are traveling to, but will also help you monitor their SMS and other phone activities. Besides, at the end of the day, you’re the one who pays for the fine your kids are issues with.


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