Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Text Spam Annoying You Too?

We all get trash sent to our emails.  But more and more often, con artists and even genuine promoters are sending junk email to clients with undesirable texts on their cell phones.

“Spam is any kind of undesirable email,” said AT&T speaker Alejandra Arango. “Sometimes there can be terms and conditions and clients never understand that when they decided to get something it comes connected with a couple other things.”

“It is a big deal,” said Mark Farr, CEO of Addison technological innovation advisor Farr Systems. “It’s either promotion or, much more often, it’s identification fraud.”

Last summer a texts research company said 68-percent of the U.S. people is suffering from texts trash.

Preventing trash from attaining your phone is simple enough, professionals said. NEVER answer.

“The purpose is to get you to communicate because if you communicate you are verifying that you have a real variety and they actually found a person,” Farr described, “so they are fishing.”

Most cellular phones now have built-in malware, but sometimes undesirable trash will get through the narrow filter. Which is why companies like Dallas-based AT&T are working to stop the concept designers.

“We are strongly battling it in the legal courts,” Arango said, “and we’ve seen that it has considerably decreased the amount of trash.”

Consumers can do their part as well. As soon as a trash message is obtained, send it to 7726, which actually spells‘spam’ on a switch pad. Your company will release a research.

“Because we know it is such a problem for our clients and we want to produce the best cellular experience,” Arango said.

“The other thing that the services have is probably the greatest device,” Farr said. “a lot of them will allow you to block phone numbers.”

Depending on the service company, features to individually block numbers may be free or charge a small fee.


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