Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good News: Cell Phones Still Aren't Causing Cancer

Remember when cell phones were first popularized? The one thing everyone's mother worried about: "those darn things'll give ya cancer!"

Looks like mommy was wrong.

According to BGR a Swedish study showed no correlation between mobile phone use and the development of gliomas, a broad range of tumors that develop either in the brain or spinal chord.

"Gliomas are still not becoming more common in Scandinavia, despite more than 15 years of heavy-duty mobile phone use across a range of age groups. Among 20 to 39-year-old women, there is a slight increase of glioma cases. But among men, the number of cases has been declining since late 1980s. “Epidemiology” has an impact factor of 5.566 and it ranks as the No.4 journal in the category of “Public, Environmental and Occupational Health.” This effectively trumps all published research papers that have hinted at a link between brain cancer and mobile phone usage." - from BGR

You know what this means...unlimited phone use!

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