Thursday, September 26, 2013

Does BlackBerry Have a Future?

As you may have heard, BlackBerry is having financial issues.  They are "letting go of" 4500 employees.  They are looking for someone to buy them out and keep the brand available.  Now, T-Mobile is going to drop them from their stores.  T-Mobile says it is because only companies buy that particular cell phone.  As well sell a number of BlackBerrys through our eBay site, I've noticed more individuals buy them than companies.  I'm not counting, just taking mental inventory.  The BlackBerry cell phone is well made, easy to use, and can be dropped in your purse without it dialing 911.  I would like to see them make it as a company, but not if the bottom line is going to be totally dependent on how many employees are being told they can no longer be afforded. 



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