Thursday, October 24, 2013

Last Year's Model is Your New Phone

Cell phones are like golf clubs and cars.  New ones come out all the time.  As mentioned to me once, waiting for this year's golf club to become last year's golf club is just as good but so much less expensive.  And, when I wanted a new car, I bought that year's model in September instead of the new model on the floor.  Right now, there are people buying that new Samsung Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone 5S or 5C.  And, you know you would love to upgrade.  Meanwhile, we have the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4 and 4S available at our store, on eBay and on our web site.  Check us out at our store or our website.  We buy those phones, refurbish them and sell them.  The prices are great!  And, you get a new phone without paying a lot of money for this year's phone.  Our eBay account is:  cellphonedoctor2013


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