Monday, October 14, 2013

Smaller? Bigger? What is your choice?

For the longest time, we worked to make our cell phones smaller and smaller.  In fact, there is now a smart watch.  I saw the commercial last night and mentioned it here on Sept. 16.  Anyway, HTC has now jumped on the 5" screen in competition with Samsung Note and a fingerprint scanner competing with Apple.  Most cell phones aren't used for making calls anymore.  We use them for texting, looking up our bank balances, asking Siri to marry us and verifying anything and everything anyone tells us (which is rude, by the way - we all like to exaggerate some).  A small phone was nice and easy to carry, but looking at any data was causing eye strain.  Compromise (something our Congress doesn't know the meaning of) was a larger cell phone and a smaller pad.  If I didn't carry my Kindle everywhere, I would be interested in any of these products. 

Here is the HTC version:



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