Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Publish or Self-Publish

Self publishing of books has always been around.  Usually a bit costly, so most didn't.  The original Eragon book was self-published. The kid was a teenager and it got passed up by many. It took off, he got a publisher and proceeded to write 2 more books.  One of my favorite e-authors self publishes through Amazon by the name of John Locke.  Those are the pluses of self-publishing.  But what happens when places like Amazon, Nook, etc. decide to let anyone and everyone self-publish.  They both found out just how much slime is out there just waiting to rub off on them.  There can always be rules, but until a computer can totally understand what it's reading, a variety of self-published items will get by.  On the whole, people who self-publish e-books ignore grammar, spelling and ethics.  A book should be something someone out there wants to read, not just shock tactics for the rest of us.  I'm not talking sex here.  Any romance book these days has more sex in it than most X-rated movies.  I want to read a good book, not get shocked by someone else's ability to perverse the written word.



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