Thursday, November 7, 2013


When Apple decides to catch up in the market, it goes all out.  Name recognition puts them in the #1 spot.  Users have Apple in the #2 spot and rising.  Their market share went up while Android's went down. See below information.  So, I checked out the iPhone 5 for comfort and ease of use.  Holding the phone, it has a nice weight to it - you know it's there.  Appearance is solid - for the cost, it should be.  It is a bit long for ease in my hand, but I admit to having small hands.  Not so long that I wouldn't buy one for myself.  What I don't like is the charger.  You lose it, you can't just go out and buy the regular micro USB charger or the regular Apple charger.  I thought the days of the charger wars were over.  I have been a big Android user.  I would consider the iPhone 5's. 



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