Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gunman Shoots Texter

People seem to be so much more irritable these days.  Yes, texting is rude in a movie theater.  Carrying a gun to same theater is even worse.  A mid 40s gentleman was shot by a retired police man over just such rudeness.  Seems a tad bit extreme, don't you think?  It's not like rudeness is new in movie theaters - there are always the whisperers who aren't as quiet they think.  Or, the young couples being a bit more affectionate than one wants to see in public.  Or, the person who chews too loudly.  And, the people who "forget" to turn off their cell phones.  I never actually considered shooting them.  Complain to the manager maybe.  (Or, "accidentally" kick their chair.)  We know better than to go berserk over these minor irritations.  And, a retired policeman in a large city (Tampa) knows the consequences of irritability.  And, he should know the consequences of carrying a gun in public if he is easily irritated.  No one deserves to die for texting before a movie begins. 


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