Monday, January 6, 2014

Simplify Your Life - Buy a Cell Phone

Was wondering this AM - how many things/items has the cell phone replaced.  For example, a land line is now a choice, not a necessity.  I haven't used an actual address book in years - or a daily planner.  When traveling, no need for wake up calls or alarm clocks.  Bored?  There are always games and music right there, available now.  Just remember the earphones so you don't annoy anyone.  Next, I'm betting cameras go.  A cell phone is always carried - very rarely, if ever, left behind.  Some cell phones take awesome pictures; almost as good as my DSLR.  Not quite as good, but in time, a cell phone could surpass the need of a camera.  What else?  Yes, phablets replace books.  With a keyboard, it could replace my computer.  Let me know what else you think a cell phone will replace.


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