Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Color is Your Cell Phone?

Women have always known that basic black is classy, ergo the little black.  Women with a little more confidence would go with a white ensemble.  When cell phones were more of a show-off item, basic black and white were great.  Just happy to be able to afford a cell phone and the monthly bill.  We shopped carriers more than brand.  Cell phones are now a necessity for everyone age 10 to 100.  Basic black is still great.  Shiny white is still pretty.  Some of us, though, have a more creative side (or just like shiny colors).  Having a choice in colors is more than a trend - it is here to stay.  Personally, I'm still looking for phone to match my car (lime green) or a pretty, shiny, dark purple.  A cell phone is an accessory for women - just like makeup, shoes, purses - whatever your style.


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