Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Lead Service Tech

Right now, our service technician is a working fiend.  He takes care to do the very best job possible fixing your phone.  He comes in on time, works all day and tries to get your phone back to you within 48 hours.  Some phones are even ready to be picked up the next day.  As the old saying, He is as honest as the day is long."  And, to top it all off, he is good at what he does, and he learns more on a daily basis.  So, drop off your phones to be repaired and be assured that he will take good care while fixing it for you.  Definitely a keeper.  And, we have made sure to let him know and to reward him for his efforts.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!  Have a great day everyone!

If this is a field you are interested in entering, we are always looking for good people.  Contact us at info@thecellphonedoc.com.


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