Friday, July 18, 2014

Pandora vs Amazon Prime Music

 I have been a Pandora person since I first discovered the site. So much so that I paid the annual fee so I could have music longer and without commercials. Now that it has gone to a monthly fee, I didn't think twice about continuing. My tastes in music run from the Rolling Stones to Il Divo. From Enya to Johnny Cash. What can I say - I like my music well-rounded. The last couple of days, I have used my Amazon Prime Music playlists instead. As a Prime member, I figured why not save the money and go for the "free." Amazon has a number of playlists. Very diversified. Just not enough Il Divo or Lucero for my tastes. And, there is no thumbs down so I never hear it again. If I wanted to create my own playlist, I would have to go through everything and add - do you know how much time that would take? With Pandora I am surprised by whatever gets thrown at me. And, after all this time, they still pull in something new for me to "like." I'm going to keep paying my $3.99/month, but I will keep an eye on the Amazon playlists and, maybe, start creating my mix. Free is still a good choice. Note: I did like the playlist on the 80's One Hit Wonders. That was fun!



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