Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello Friday . . . You're Back

Hello, Friday. So much to do here in Louisville this weekend. My preference is for the St. James Festival. May try and make it tomorrow. With the weather cooling down, it will be a perfect day to wander around and see all the artwork. (And, I just got paid. ) Today is, also, my anniversary. We eloped first, went to the St. James Festival and then, the next AM, caught a flight to Cancun. This year we did it backwards. Caught a plane to Cancun, renewed our affection, love and respect for each other, and then I'm going to the St. James Festival while he prepares for a UK game. Life is a strange place.

For those of you without plans, come by and check out our new inventory. For those of you wanting to enjoy some plans, come by and sell us your old smartphone. And, for those of you who dropped your phones, drop it off at either location for repairs. Everyone else, have a wonderful weekend!


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