Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Voting, Part 6

One week from today! Tuesday, November 4th. Plan for it. Work your schedule around it. Finish your research. GET OUT AND VOTE! Do not vote based on any commercials. To date, most have been found to be false. Hate to burst your bubble, but politicians are notorious for stretching truths into total falsehoods. It's a prerequisite. So, check out what your party stands for in this election. Then, check out the person nominated by your party. Lastly, make your very own decision. This is YOUR vote and only YOUR vote. It is one reason why our voting is done behind curtains and is confidential. I lived in a country once where that was not true. If you didn't vote, you could lose your job. If you did vote and you voted for the "wrong" party, you could lose your job. In this country, your vote is yours alone. Remember, choose. Then vote for your choice. Again, remember:  Next Tuesday, November 4th. You have a date with the polling booth. (PS - Don't forget your ID.)


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