Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Voting, Part 7

Our founding fathers were not paid. They relied on the belief that what they were doing was the best for this country to be free.  They all suffered for this belief and for their work creating our country. It was considered an "honor," not a paid job. We did, at some point, realize that our congressmen and women could not continue without some sort of recompense. (It is expensive living in DC!) While we were at it, we allowed them to vote themselves enormous raises, we allowed them to use insider trading to further advance their wealth, and we allowed "bribery" from the lobbyists. In the meantime, they don't allow us to have a minimal "living" wage after one of the hardest recessions in our time. They find it unnecessary to allow women to make the same amount of money for their hard work as a man gets paid. You're kidding right! I would like to see Elaine Chao "settle" for being paid only $0.70 on the dollar as a man would make. And, let's not forget, it was Mitt Romney (Republican extraordinaire) that informed us that the middle class makes $200,000 a year. Now,, wouldn't that be nice! I could go on vacations, eat out more often, buy a bigger house, etc. etc. So, remember when you are voting that it is YOUR vote and only YOUR vote. Be sure to vote, but vote well-informed rather than with the "panic" these commercials are trying to instill.


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