Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will there be a new iPhone released in 2012?

Is there an iPhone on your wish list this year? Most of us love getting our hands on the latest version. That might be possible in the upcoming new year. But do your homework and make sure the latest version really is the best model.

According to a recent pcworld.com article, Apple released iOS 5.1 beta to developers. The next-generation iPhone model, marked as iPhone 5,1, is included on the list of products possibly ready to release for purchase soon.

Here’s the expected changes noted in the article:

“The iPhone 4S has the 4,1 identifier in Apple’s code, so the jump from 4,1 to 5,1 indicates major internal changes are on the table, and possibly on the outside too, including a 4-inch screen that manufacturers have reportedly started making already.

The iOS 5.1 is meant to bring several bug fixes to users. Most of them relate to creating iCloud accounts or migrating from MobileMe, as well as security improvements. Apple did not mention whether the update would address the ongoing battery issues that some users are experiencing, even after the iOS 5.0.1 update that was meant to fix them."

The article cautions that some of the devices referenced in iOS betas in the past were never released, so don’t get your heart set on a new iPhone just yet.

And what about that cell phone you’re using now. Is it still in like-new condition? Or does it need a little work – maybe a repair to fix a cracked screen? This is a great time to have your current phone repaired at The Cellphone Doctor.

If you’re ready for a new phone, but don’t want to wait for the bugs to be worked out of the new iPhones, come check out our wide selection of high-quality refurbished cell phones. Sometimes it’s better to have an established model that’s been properly repaired and maintained. The price is certainly better!

Of course, some of us simply can’t resist the urge to buy the newest device on the shelf – or online. If that’s you and you do choose to get a new iPhone when they are released, bring us your old cell phone and we’ll buy it from you for cash.

Whatever your stance is on the new iPhone, come in and let us help you make the most out of your cell phone with repairs, refurbished cell phones, and new cell phone accessories.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give thanks for the little things

This week is the perfect time to reflect on all the things that make life enjoyable – especially the little things that are often overlooked.
So while you’re filling up on the turkey, gravy, dressing, potatoes, corn, and pumpkin pie, take some time to give thanks.

While you’re watching some good football games (this year’s game should be a good one), and shopping (Black Friday is coming up), take a moment and make a list of what you’re grateful for.

Opening our new store in Louisville would be at the top of our list. We are so thankful for the great response from the community as we opened our doors for business. In fact, we’ve been buying, selling, and repairing cell phones like crazy.

Stop by while you’re out shopping. Drop off your phone for repairs or check out our wide selection of reasonably priced refurbished phones and phone accessories.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The CellPhone Doctor!

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Phone accessories make great stocking stuffers

Have you put up your holiday decorations yet? Black Friday is only days away—how are you doing on that shopping list? If you need some gift-buying ideas, we can help.

Have a son or daughter who needs a way to get in touch if practice is cancelled after school? What about a spouse who needs an upgrade, but refuses to pay those expensive new phone prices? Anyone on your list have a hard-to-find size or already own every game, movie, or CD you can think of? Get them a gift that always fits just right.

The CellPhone Doctor has a large inventory of refurbished cell phones and a wide selection of new cell phone accessories. These items make great stocking stuffers, especially for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list.

These top-quality phones have been refurbished by our Level 3 technicians and are in like-new condition and ready to wrap. The prices are great too—plenty of money left over to buy a few sought-after accessories to go with those phones.

Our stock of new phone accessories includes the latest styles of cases, as well as much-needed items like screen protectors and adapters. Create a complete cell phone gift package for those special folks on your list.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Do cell phones and driving mix?

What did we do before we had cell phones? Are you old enough to remember the days of having to find a public pay phone to make a call while on the road? That was very inconvenient, and even dangerous at times. Now we can whip out our handy cell phone to call for roadside assistance or call for help in an emergency. That makes us all feel a lot safer.

But are we really? Not according to most news stories involving cell phone use by drivers. Those stories often list cell phone use as a contributing factor to many auto accidents and traffic violations – distracted drivers are not safe drivers.

So if having a cell phone can make us safer in an emergency, but can also be the cause of the same emergency – what’s the solution? How about using some common sense and a little more caution. Cell phones are indispensable tools of communication, we just need to manage them better – especially while driving.

Here are a few safety tips that can help you use your cell phone responsibly when you’re behind the wheel:

1) No talking on a cell phone while you are actively driving.

2) If you need to answer a call or make one, try to pull off the road into a safe parking area.

3) Make sure your phone is within easy reach, not in the glove compartment or a purse where you might have to dig for it.

4) Use a hand’s free device like a Bluetooth headset or earpiece that allows you to talk while both hands remain on the wheel.

5) Hands-free or not, postpone conversations that are either emotional or complex.

6) Do not send text messages or try to read incoming messages while driving.

7) Use your cell phone only in the event of an emergency in which you need help or someone else needs help.

If you need a cell phone with more safety features and capabilities, and at a great price, come see the top-quality refurbished phones at The CellPhone Doctor.

Drive safely!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

We sell Louisville's best refurbished cell phones

Need a new phone? Are you sure? Wouldn’t you prefer to have a great phone with all the bells and whistles at a great price, and without the overpriced service contract lumped into the deal? Refurbished might be the way to go.

The CellPhone Doctor has the best offering of refurbished, top-quality cell phones in the Louisville area. We are constantly buying and repairing phones, so we always have plenty of great phones in stock.

Our Level 3 certified repair specialists are able to service and repair anything from the most basic flip phone to iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, and other smart phones on the market. And once we refurbish the phone, you can buy it for a great price.

So what are you in the market for right now? The most expensive cell phone available – or – the BEST cell phone available? If you want the best, come on in and check out all of the top-quality refurbished cell phones we have in our store ready for you to take home today.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sell your phone to local store for quick cash

Need cash for holiday gift buying? Cell Phone Doctor can help. We are buying old cell phones and giving you cash to spend in any way you like. And since we’re a local store, you’ll get your cash fast.

Other companies are offering to buy phones online – you send the phone and then they send the money. Slow! And are you sure you’re getting the best deal?

Cell Phone Doctor is your local store to get your cell phone repaired or to sell your cell phone for quick cash. And to let you know how serious we are about giving you the best deal, we’ll beat the competitors price.

Those big online companies just can’t offer the same quick turn around on your old cell phone. So stop by and sell us your old cell phone for cash – you might even have enough left over to buy a little something for yourself this holiday season!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is there cash in your old cell phone?

Most people don’t realize that their old cell phone is worth money. That’s right. When the time comes to trade in your cell phone, you can sell it to Cell Phone Doctor for cash.

What do you usually do with your old phone when you upgrade to the new model? Do you give it to the salesperson at the store where you’re buying the new phone? If so, then you just paid them to take your phone.

Don’t pay someone to take your phone when you can sell it to Cell Phone Doctor and put that money into your own pocket. And we make it easy. Just bring your phone into our store – we’ll tell you what it’s really worth and pay you cash for it. And there’s no obligation to make a purchase or buy a service plan. Really.

The reason we can make this unique offer is that we can refurbish your old phone and turn it into the “new” phone for someone else. Our Level 3 certified technicians can repair and refurbish just about any model of cell phone. You might even decide to look around while you’re here.

In fact, if you’re only getting a new phone because your old one has a cracked screen or took a dunk in the kitchen sink – maybe we can repair it and save you the hassle of getting another phone. Something to think about.

Of course, if it really is time to get a new phone and you’d rather recycle your old phone, we can take care of that for you too. Now that’s what you call full-service.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

One Week Down - One Million Cell Phones Repairs To Go

We are off and running! With our first week under our belt we are happy to have helped several cell phone users get their trusty phone repaired, restored, and back into the communication game.

We have also had some great conversations with cell phone users and it’s interesting how these devices had become such an essential part of their lives. Most folks don’t realize that they have many options when their phone is damaged. Whether it’s a water-damaged Smartphone, a cracked iPhone screen, or just general phone wear and tear, users can – get their phone repaired, sell their old phone and use the proceeds to purchase a new one, purchase a refurbished phone that looks and works like new, etc…

Our first week was great, and in the weeks to follow we plan to educate phone users about these options. Because we know that when it comes to today’s technology it’s the well informed consumers that win.

Sign up for our e-newsletter now to stay informed.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Louisville Cell Phone Repair with Level 3 Certified Technicians

There are more than 4.8 billion cellular phones in use throughout the world. With that many phones there are bound to be mishaps that force users to either fix or replace their phone. As that number grows so does the amount of repair providers.

So how can you tell which repair provider to choose from when your cell phone is damaged or in need of some TLC? First, check your warranty details to fully understand your options. If your best option is to have your phone repaired, then look for a repair provider that can offer level 3 services. Because if a repair provider is not qualified at this level, you may just be wasting your time and energy.

Level 3 providers offer advanced soldering techniques, main board reworking and drop soldering, liquid damage recovery, software recovery, phone unlocking, circuit board re-flowing, and many other repairs related to damage from improper operation, equipment misuse, or abuse. These advance soldering techniques make all the difference when it comes to properly repairing your cell phone.

At The Cell Phone Doctor, we are a level 3 certified provider so if “You Break It, We Fix It”. If you're dealing with a broken cell phone, broken iphone, or broken smart phone— then give us a call (502) 253-4200 or fill out our easy online form. 

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