Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Using Cell Phones More and More When Shopping

       Inside a fresh report via Pew Internet, the actual company discovered than over fifty percent of adult cellular telephone owners utilized his or her mobile device throughout 2011 holiday store trips to assist them throughout purchasing judgements. The report, “The Rise of In-Store Mobile Commerce,” additionally found that throughout the 30-day interval both before and after Christmas:

38% of cell phone owners made telephone calls to associates regarding shopping suggestions
24% of cell phone owners utilized his or her cell phone for connecting online and search for testimonials of a item they were contemplating purchasing
22% of cell phone owners used their cell phones to connect online and compare prices for a product they were considering buying

In total, 52% of cell phone owners used their device for some kind of shopping advice during the last holiday season, with one-third going online for additional information-either product reviews or pricing comparisons.

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