Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why You Should Visit a Cell Phone Shop for Repair Services

Why You Should Visit a Cell Phone Shop for Repair Services

Cell phones, like computers, rank high on the list of technological devices that help to make our lives easier. Little wonder that just about everybody holds one brand or another of this fantastic little gadget. Cell phones have revolutionized our lives, in many ways. This largely has to do with the fact that having a cellular device allows you to be reached, wherever you are. Gone are the days when one had to wait all day in the office for an important call to come through. Or when you had to wait till evening to get home, before friends and relatives could reach you on phone. Today, should somebody need to contact you immediately, for whatever reason, this can be easily achieved by dialing your cellular number. This allows you to receive vital information, in a timely manner, and also stay well connected to family and friends.
Nonetheless, for all the benefits that come with cell phone usage, problems do arise now and then. Should your cellular device develop a problem that keeps it from functioning or lowers its working efficiency, you may want to replace it with a new handset altogether. If you’re not inclined to purchase a new handset, cell phone repair is another option.

Cell Phone Repair Services

Cell phone repair is huge business, with the turnover for many retailers running into millions of dollars annually. Repair services for the industry are also offered by individuals. Many repair services are advertised on the internet, which makes it easy to seek help should your phone develop a problem. However, seeking help from individuals is not without its pitfalls. Some cell phone technicians have no formal training or qualifications for phone repair. Quite often, they have a limited range of spares, tools and equipment. There’s always a likelihood that the service offered by individual cell phone specialists will fail to meet expectations. Besides shoddy work, it isn’t uncommon to hear people complaining that their phones developed more complications after service rendered by individuals. To avoid these frustrations and waste of money, a better option is to seek help from established shops whenever you have to resolve your cell phone problems.

Advantages of Cell Phone Repair Shops

There are several benefits in taking your phone to a repair phone shop when it has a problem.
1. Range of Services
Whether your cell phone requires minor repair or an overhaul, you may want to consider the services offered by repair shops. Indeed, a wide range of services is available at cell phone repair Louiseville shops, which includes:
iphone Repair – the iphone is one of the most popular products from Apple. As such, many repair shops ensure that their in-house technicians are properly qualified in iphone screen repair and other problems that may arise with the iphone such as:
  • Back glass repair
  • Blank display screen
  • Broken iphone battery and other battery repairs
  • Broken or shattered iphone screen
  • Camera and video repair
  • Charge port repair
  • Damaged housing
  • Earpiece speaker repair
  • Keypad repair
  • Loudspeaker repair
  • Malfunctioning volume
  • Microphone repair
  • Overheating
  • Power-on problems
  • Ringer music player repair
  • Sim card repair
  • Vibrator repair
  • Water damage repair
  • WIFI and Bluetooth repair
Scratches - scratched screens are amongst the most common problems that develop with cell phone usage. While minor scratches can usually be ignored, other scratches may inconvenience you when using your phone. Most repair shops maintain a good range of screen buffing products that efficiently polish away scratches and scrapes. This leaves your phone screen looking as good as new.
Unlocking – many cell phone owners require their phones to be unlocked at some point. The beauty of cell phone repair establishments is that they offer a wide range of services that enable phone modification, including unlocking. By using special software services, technicians can swiftly unlock your phone as you wait.
Upgrade – perhaps your phone requires an upgrade. In-house cell phone technicians make use of special software to perform phone upgrade, which helps to boost the efficiency of your phone.
Wet Cell Phone – incidents of individuals getting their cell phones wet are very common. Whether it is accidental or due to carelessness or forgetfulness, a wet cell phone is likely to develop internal corrosion and malfunction. Cell phone repair shops have the necessary tools and technical know-how to restore your waterlogged phone to good working condition.
2. Phone Accessories – repair shops tend to stock a wide range of accessories, which facilitates more efficient phone maintenance service. To prevent your phone from getting scratches and nasty scrapes, you may want to consider getting a clear, protective screen cover. They don’t cost much and help to keep your phone safe from scratches, moisture and other damage. If you’d like to change the appearance of your phone, a quick makeover can be achieved by selecting a different housing or faceplate from the shop. Phone accessories offered by repair shops are extremely helpful in extending the life of your phone.
3. Professional Service – most well-established cell phone repair shops rate highly in efficiency and professionalism. This is largely due to competent technicians who’ve undergone extensive repair training of cell phones, computers and electronics. They have the expertise that allows them to undertake a thorough diagnosis of your phone, which yields useful information on problems you may be experiencing. Having a solid knowledge base as well as wide inventory of tools and spares allows technicians to efficiently undertake repair jobs on many types of cell phones. You can count on a fast turnaround time, which allows you to have your phone in good working condition, in no time. To back up their service, well-established shops provide efficient customer support services, which allows you to seek help and guidance as need arises.
4. Reliable – most repair shops maintain a team of in-house service technicians to provide topnotch service to customers, at all times. With on-site technicians, you’re assured of access to satisfactory service, whether you’re a walk-in customer or choose to mail-in your handset for service. The problem with taking your cellular to individuals for repair is that they may not always be available, which translates to time wasted while the problem remains unresolved.
5. Warranty – many phone repair shops offer customers a warranty for most repairs undertaken. Warranty periods may range from 60 to 90 days, or as specified. The warranty acts as a guarantee of the expert service rendered to your phone. It is an assurance that when you take your phone for repair, the faulty aspect will be attended to, without fail. Service with a warranty gives customers peace of mind.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Where to get a Cell Phone Repair Service?

Cell Phone Repair
Are you so excited about any gadgets or cell phone? Yes, many people nowadays cannot stay away from any gadgets and technology. Why it is so? It is because technology included cell phones help people to live their lives easier and for a lot of people, their need’s are fill by cell phones. However it will make such a problem if they have issues with it. Let’s take cell phone as an example. Many companies produce various numbers of cell phones and launch them to the market, and what if it is broken? Sure you can fix it in the cell phone repair center, like the cell phone repair service in Louisville that we have. We can fix and solve any problem related to your cell phones. We also have a mail in repair feature we are about to add to our site. Well, what are the problems in cell phones that we usually fix? We can repair phones of any nature. From iPhone repair, Blackberry repair, HTC repair, iPhone screen repair, etc. We will happily do it for you in short of time, within a day usually. What if you do not have enough time to reach our cell phone repair in Louisville but you need to fix it still? We offer you to take our “Mail in Repairs” way to get your cell phone repaired. You just need to mail your phone to us and we will send it back to you in repaired condition. Our web page is www.TheCellPhoneDoctor.com. Other service that we provided is you can wait while we are fixing you mobile phones. We also buy cell phones. Need a little extra cash? Then bring in your old, broken or unused phones and let us take them off your hand. Maybe you are looking to upgrade as well, trade in your old phone and purchase a new phone. Whatever your cell phone needs are, The CellPhone Doctor can handle them.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cell Phone Marketing Tips

As long as you are informed about the advantages and disadvantages and dos and don’ts of making use of mobile devices like a promo tool, cellular advertising and marketing can be an exciting enterprise that improves your current marketing and advertising approach. When completed correctly, it can perform miracles for promoting your organization. Read this post below with tips.

With mobile phone advertising, place signifies every thing. Cell phone advertising and marketing is spot dependent, that is special for this style advertising and marketing. This gives new options which can be unavailable anywhere else. Brainstorm how you can benefit from spot-structured marketing techniques to boost your sales.
In case your business determines to have a mobile phone app, ensure that your users will value utilizing it. Useless or tough to navigate applications are not likely to be popular among mobile phone consumers in your target audience.

Benefit your target market. You should know their desires and goals to be able to market place them correctly. When you are not able to obtain a handle on what it can be your consumer wishes, you will not make any results from them. Get acquainted with them.

Make a good data base. Avoid yourself from just simply incorporating in cell phone numbers straight into a mobile advertising and marketing data source. You will need to check with them for permission before you begin. Getting approval can easily be carried out by both a net develop that they may submit, or by agreeing with it by way of an easy code dependent text message system.

Promote your mobile strategy as a way of receiving special offers and spending less. Make reference to it in other advertisement, on sociable network neighborhoods and also on your site. If your strategy is perceived as helpful, many individuals will sign-up. Market it as an entertaining strategy to remain well informed about your special offers.
Maps and guidelines must be simple to operate. It’s likely your customers are going to be with a cell phone when looking for your location. Easily be accessible.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Would You Consider Leasing A Cell Phone?

With cell phones launching more and more frequently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay current. Keeping a phone that isn't considered outdated is almost impossible, unless you're willing to pay a small fortune.
Generally, when people here in the States buy a new phone through a wireless provider, they are signing an agreement that says they will hold a continuous line of service for the subsequent two years. Because of this, the device is heavily subsidized, dropping the price from roughly between $500 and $700 to somewhere in the $200 to $300 range.
In other words, when you sign your contract, you better be sure that's the device you want to carry for two years, else you will face paying full retail pricing to get a new phone. Selling the phone you bought on-contract is possible and can certainly put a little cash in your pocket. But the mounding issue with reselling carrier-locked devices is resell value, which can plummet just months (or even weeks) after you purchase the phone.
This is the model we've been working with for many years in the US mobile market. But what if you could have the latest and greatest mobile devices without ever owning them? While perusing my timeline on Twitter the other day, one of the people I follow, Corey Herscu, Editor-in-Chief of thecellularguru.com, tweeted:
He continued to expound on his tweet, explaining that customers could lease a phone in small increments – three, six or nine months – and give the phone back to the carrier after the lease term is up. We exchanged a couple tweets back and for, and then the cogs in my head started turning.
In search of a little more information on this, I did a little digging and quickly found the source of the brilliant idea. Ryan Kim of GigaOM ran a story titled Why buy the latest smartphone when you can lease it? on Wednesday, further explaining the logistics of how the first mobile device leasing program in the US would work. Kim says the Mobile Device Lease xChange, administered by a subsidiary of TMNG called MDLx, a carrier would be able to:
"offer their top customers the ability to lease a phone for 12 months at about $20-30 a month for the device. They would need to pay for voice and data plans separately and the device would need to be covered through an insurance plan, either though the operator or by the customer themselves. The amount of the payments would vary based on the value of the device and the carrier has the option of waiving the insurance plan, accepting a deposit instead."
The idea here is to cut the customer's commitment to a single device in half, allowing them to upgrade to up-to-date devices more frequently and to get said customers to actually enjoy or like their contract. Unfortunately, to keep costs and risks down, carriers would only realistically be able to offer device leasing to the top eight to 10 percent of post paid customers. The extended benefits of this program, however, would grant carriers the ability to purchase a previously leased device from MDLx at market value and resell it at a decent price, without subsidy.
The ability to lease a mobile device instead of own definitely has its appeal, especially to folk like me who don't like to spend more than a few months with a device. In this instance, Corey's idea of even shorter three to nine-month lease terms sound much more appropriate than a year-long lease. This would keep me from having to purchase a phone at $600 or $700 and trying to adequately buy, sell and trade devices to keep from losing too much money on a single device, just to keep up with the latest devices.
That said, I have my reservations. For instance, if you are not actually owning the device, by law, you cannot tamper with the software – meaning, you could not root or jailbreak the phone you are leasing. (Of course, you could always root or jailbreak and restore the device to its stock software before the lease term is up. But I'm talking about what is legal., not what is or is not possible.) Also, by leasing a device, you're just throwing money to the wind and not actually paying toward something. Instead of paying $300 upfront and using a device for two full years, you would be paying between $240 and $360 – double, triple or quadruple that for families – to "borrow" a device for 12 months. At the end of the term, you have nothing to show for it. To some, this if just fine. I, however, am not certain I could pay $240 (plus the wireless bills) just to use a device for a year.
There's also the question of which carriers will be willing to jump on board with the program. Will they settle for just $20 or $30 per month? Will they be able to use their weight and bump the price $5 or $10 per month? If so, the prices would still appear reasonable for a per month rate ($25 to $40), but the minimum price after 12 months would jump to $300 and the maximum would be $480.
All of these are fairly reasonable concerns.
I definitely agree with Kim in that there needs to be more subsidation options available to wireless customers. Just a single offering of a two-year agreement or forcing customers to go with a steep no-contract device is a bit uninviting. A viable one-year option like this would appeal to many. But personally, I'm not willing to pay a couple hundred dollars in and walk away with nothing to show for it. (I don't mind this when it comes to, say, multimedia services like Spotify or Netflix. But when it comes to physical devices, it doesn't sit well with me.) Not to mention, a year is still a long time in this market. If there were shorter terms, it might be a little more reasonable.
What about you, ladies and gents? Does the ability to lease a device instead of owning it appeal to you? Is a year-long term too long? What about the pricing? Is $20 or $30 too much to ask? Sound off in the comments below!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beware Cell Phone Users Of Text SCAM!

The Better Business Bureau is warning cell phone uses of a texting scam that could lead to fraudulent charges on their accounts.
According to the BBB’s Minnesota and North Dakota branch, some customers have reported receiving texts from a number of different SMS addresses.
The messages advertise that users will receive entertainment updates and be billed $9.99 per month, unsolicited. The texts have been reported on multiple carriers, such as Sprint and AT&T.
Angela Keegan Benson recently received text messagesfrom the number 99716 with news updates on celebrities.
“They were about Kim Kardashian and Tim Tebow,” she said. “It looked like it was trying to be a news feed that was sending me texts about pop culture stuff.”
Then, she noticed a text that talked about charges.
“I went online and checked my bill and saw this cryptic fee for $9.99 for messaging rates,” said Benson.
So, she called AT&T who took the charge off. The company also assigned her a code that she must enter if she does want to subscribe to text feeds.
“No matter what you do, even if you do nothing at all, you are still being charged $9.99 on your cell phone bill,” Dan Hendrickson, who is the communications director for the Better Business Bureau.
The billing agency was identified as “Silicon Investments.”
The BBB says people who receive any similar messages report them to their carriers, and to immediately dispute any charges that appear on their monthly bills.
“We have no idea how these consumers are being contacted. It sounds like these messages are going out widely,” said Hendrickson.
Because this scam is so new, many consumers may be have been charged, but just haven’t received their latest bill.

www.thecellphonedoc.com Cell Phone Repair

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Is The iPhone Really Made?

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple has been under fire lately about the company’s “made in China” gadgets.  With one of its biggest manufactures, Foxconn  (world's-largest maker of electronic components), coming to terms with worker suicide owed to demanding work environment, but numerous have wondered why these trendy items can’t be produced here locally. 
In reality, the majority of the iPhone is made in the states. 

A report composed by three U.S. professors showed that merely “$10 or fewer in direct labor wages goes into an iPhone or iPad is paid to over seas workers.”

The report points out that while the Apple goods – as well as components- are manufactured in China, the main benefits go to the U.S. economy  because Apple continues to keep most if its product design, software development, product management, marketing and additional high-salary jobs here locally and not overseas.

China’s main purpose is to put the items together. 
China Daily put it on all the table in an article on Tuesday, stating that before China receives anything, the phones start out in the U.S. with Apple engineers, and then is sourced with components from different parts of the world, mainly southeast Asia, and assembled at Foxconn.

Jason Dedrick, a professor at Syracuse University, said that China’s trade balance with the U.S. is marginally affected by Apple. That’s because most of the value in is captured by the brand itself, distributors and the retailers, not the manufacturers.

According to China Daily, citing the report, each item sold in the U.S. for about $600 adds between $229 and $275 to the U.S.-China trade deficit per unit sold. Kenneth Kraemer, a professor from the University of California, said that most consumers don’t understand how Apple’s global supply chain works. “They focus only on the trade deficit with China, and therefore they think China has a bigger role. What they don’t understand is that China gets all sorts of input from other countries from Japan, the U.S., Malaysia and so on. China’s contribution is really a small amount of labor,” Kraemer was quoted as saying in the paper.

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