Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Battle Of The Bluegrass

One game is a grudge match between teams that know each other all too well. The other is a rare rematch between virtual strangers.
The Final Four is set. In one game Saturday at the Superdome in New Orleans, Kentucky will play Louisville in an intrastate rivalry that will pit Cardinals coach Rick Pitino against the school he once coached, then later alienated by returning to the Bluegrass to lead its archrival.
In the other semifinal, it will be Ohio State and Kansas, meeting for only the ninth time in their history but for the second time this season. The Jayhawks won the first game 78-67 in Lawrence, Kan., on Dec. 10. It was the first time the teams had met since 2000.
The winners will play for the national title April 2. Kentucky already has seven national titles but none since 1998, the year after Pitino left. Kansas has three championships, Louisville has two and Ohio State, better known as a football power, won its lone title in 1960 and is making its third trip to the Final Four since 1999.
Absent from this year's ultimate hoops weekend are the longshots and little guys who have made March Madness so special over the years. Although there are no Butlers or VCUs, there are plenty of good stories to tell. That list starts with Pitino vs. his old school.
It was Pitino who restored Kentucky to its former greatness when he arrived there in 1989 and the Wildcats' program was coming off the sting of NCAA violations. Pitino took the program to three Final Fours and won one championship but left in 1997 to take a second shot at the NBA, where he had previously tried and failed with the New York Knicks.
He didn't fare much better in four seasons with the Boston Celtics, and when the call back to the college game came, it came from Louisville, located only 70 miles up the road from Lexington and very much in the crosshairs of Kentucky fans. It has been 11 years, and most of the shock has worn off from what was once deemed an unforgivable betrayal. But there's nothing like a Final Four meeting to stir up some old memories.
“It is in our state. They're a great program. We're in two different leagues,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said after the Wildcats beat Baylor 82-70 in the South Regional to advance to the Final Four for the second straight year.
“The city of Louisville drives our state. The University of Louisville drives that city. So it's a very important thing for our state, and it's important that that school does well.”
Maybe just not next Saturday.
The teams play every season, and most recently, they were ranked Nos. 3 and 4 in the Associated Press poll when they met on New Year's Eve. Kentucky won at home 69-62.
“We think they're excellent. We think they're great. I coached there. It's great. Great tradition,” Pitino said Saturday, after Louisville rallied for a 72-68 win over Florida that put the Cardinals in the Final Four for the second time since he arrived.
“But we want to be Louisville. We have a different mission. They have a different mission. But we both want to get to a Final Four and win a championship.”
Led by a group of freshmen who may or may not return for a second year, Kentucky was established as an early 7.5-point favorite for Saturday's game.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Samsung Phone Repairs

If your Samsung cellphone has been broken, worry not. We can repair exterior cosmetic areas to make your Samsung cellphone look like new again. We can fix most mistakes as our specialists are experienced Samsung certified techs. We can also upgrade your Samsung cellphone to the newest application edition. Having the newest application modification installed guarantees your cellphone functions at the best possible performance with the additional features.

We have a inundating place with the equipment and expert knowledge necessary to recognize and fix mobile phone devices affected by this prevalent problem. Our electrical examining and fix area is manned by experts who can recognize and fix a variety of concerns – from asking for slots to internal power concerns.

These are some of the most typical New Samsung cell phone repairs we encounter:

Samsung cellphone LCD Repair
Samsung cellphone Charging Errors
Samsung cellphone LCD Repair
Samsung cellphone Battery
Samsung cellphone Cold Touchscreen
Samsung cellphone Spare parts & Parts
Samsung cellphone Damaged Screen
Samsung cellphone Volume Button Failure
Samsung cellphone USB Port Replacement

All Samsung repairs are carried out by a specific team of specialists. Any fixes carry a guarantee providing you with comfort that you are getting the best possible New samsung repair

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Best Practices When It Comes To Phones

Phones have become a very imperative part of living during the recent years. They are used for company transactions, emails, texting, staying in touch with family members, and for free time| activities such as surfing the internet, to name a few. Parents are purchasing cell phones for their children at younger ages than ever. Laws have even been instituted, restricting usage in certain places. We often forget about the dangers associated when using a cell phone. Here are a few safety tips to follow:

Avoid text messaging while driving - Not only is texting while driving illegal in many states, it has also been identified as a leading cause of traffic accidents during the past several years. If you receive a text while driving, simply pull off the road when safe to do so to respond to the message.

Avoid talking on your cell phone while driving - Pulling over at a rest stop or into a parking lot to talk on the phone is advised. If you need to talk on the phone while driving, using a Bluetooth device can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident. Talking in areas with less traffic is a better alternative than talking in congested areas.

 Use cell phones in appropriate places - Laws prohibit cell phone usage on airplanes and while pumping gas. Most schools do not allow cell phone usage on the premises by students. Make sure that your children are not bringing their cell phones to school.

Keep cell phones away from your body when in use - Some recent reports suggest cell phones can cause cancer due to a non-ionizing radiation being released while the phone is transmitting any data. Scientists recommend keeping cell phones at least 1- inch away from the body to avoid this radiation from coming into contact with any body parts.

Keep a battery charger in the car, as well as in your home - Cell phones are great to have on hand in case of an emergency, but are not helpful if the battery is dead! Keeping a charger in your car and in your home will help ensure you don't run into dead battery problems.

Choosing the right cell phone and provider can often be a very difficult process. Some things to take into consideration when purchasing a cell phone include the pricing, the service plan price and features, area coverage and reception, and if a contract is required. Make sure that the plan you choose suits your needs appropriately and is within your budget prior to signing any contracts. Take the time to shop and discuss your needs with several providers.

 Cell Phone Doctor http://www.thecellphonedoc.com

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

iPad 3 Review

A higher-def screen than full HD, quadcore graphics and a slicker look. Does the iPad 3 mark a point at which resistance to Apple’s market-leading tablet becomes futile?

New iPad 3 review


  • Stunning screen
  • Best app and AV stores
  • Superb interface


  • Not a huge leap from iPad 2
  • Camera still awkward to use

The new iPad 3 is not revolutionary, it’s evolutionary, and according to Apple it’s even “revolutionary”, whatever that means. As with the Apple iPhone 4S bump, the hotly anticipated new iPad launch is largely about incremental, hardware upgrades; under-the-bonnet stuff that clearly annoys the hell out of everyone seeking a headline-grabbing design change.

New iPad 3: Build

Launched alongside the new Apple TV, the new iPad 3 looks much the same as the Apple iPad 2. The Home button remains, despite the big tease of the launch invite’s imagery, but where successive iThings of the past have been thinner, lighter and the proud owner of new monikers, Apple’s latest tablet is thicker (by 6mm), heavier (by 50g) and has no identifying numbers or letters to its name.
However, the third-generation iPad is also faster, more powerful, has by far the best screen ever seen on a tablet and will allow developers, including T3, to create apps of greater power than ever by exploiting all of the above. So, should you be shelling out for one?

New iPad 3: Screen

Android aficionados will find 2048x1536 reasons not to buy, but a small screen isn't one. Some 3.1 million pixels at 264ppi are now crammed into the 9.7-inch display – the leading Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Asus Transformer Prime, come in at 1280x800.

Put the new iPad 3 side by side with the iPad 2 and the improvement is, quite visibly, clear. On the older iPad, apps in folders are just blobs of pixelated colour; on the new one you can almost make out text.
The Apple Retina Display smooths out edges and renders text pin-sharp so ebooks, websites and documents are so much easier on the eye. There’s better contrast, greater definition with still and moving images, and better colour saturation – an improvement of 44 per cent over the iPad 2, Apple reckons.

New iPad 3: 1080p HD

Another Retina reward can be seen with HD video now up to 1080p – yes, Apple is updating its iTunes movie catalog to full HD – and stills up to 19 megapixels, though you’ll have to import the latter as the on-board camera only boasts five. Both look stunning in terms of reproduction clarity, mind.
Developers will also need to optimize their digital nuggets to take advantage of the display hike; until then, you may suffer some slight blur. Needless to say, we’re hard at work making T3: iPad Edition Retina-ready.

New iPad 3: Performance

To power this next-gen display the new iPad needs extra processing grunt, and it’s provided by an improved dual core chip, the A5X, with a quad core GPU. While HD video and menu swiping don’t appear any smoother than before – they were already plenty smooth – gaming, as you’d anticipate, really benefits.

Playing the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the polygonal-pushing experience is exceptional, with quality not far off what we’ve seen so far on the Sony PS Vita. There are multiple layers, complex shading, frenetic action and minimal slow down.

Non-optimized games look pretty much identical to those on iPad 2, however. Will developers patch older games to bring them up to Retina standards? We’ll see…
Asus and Toshiba may be rubbing their hands in glee, with both having announced “proper” quad core tabs in recent months. However, with the dedicated chip handling graphically intensive tasks, the dual core A5X seems more than adequate, keeping the new iPad quick and slick, even when processing the likes of iPhoto and GarageBand.

New iPad 3: Camera

A lesser upgrade is the rear-facing iSight cam. Its f/2.4 aperture optics are pinched from the iPhone 4S, but with a five-meg resolution rather than eight. Images are better than the iPad 2’s but tablet cams are still hardly the last word in convenience – one-handed tap-to-focus is mission impossible – and results remain a way off dedicated compacts, especially indoors or in overcast conditions.

New iPad 3: Video

Photos and 1080p, 30fps video are pretty good, mind. If you’ve got a steady hand, stills look good on screen or when beamed to the new Apple TV while video stabilization is effective, although the automatic focus has a tendency to jump into life at inopportune moments.
Arguably the front-facing VGA camera for video chat is more useful, and would have benefited more from a resolution remix.

New iPad 3: iPhoto

The real upgrade here isn’t the hardware, though, it’s the iPhoto for iOS app. Rather than adapting the desktop version, it’s been developed from the ground up, taking full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch screen. Typically for Apple, the interface is simple and powerful enough to make basic content look professional – slide your finger to adjust skin tones, sky saturation, white balance, etc.

New iPad 3: 4G

One of the most exciting additions to the new iPad is 4G.
A welcome addition is the iPhone-esque Personal Hotspot feature, although this will have to be activated by your provider. Bluetooth has also been upgraded to the low-power-consuming 4.0 standard, as used in the Nike FuelBand.

Connecting the iPad to other Bluetooth devices is still rather hit and miss, it must be said, Wi-Fi is, as you’d want it to be, still N standard and, as you might not want it to be, but there it is, single-band.

New iPad 3: Battery

With all its muscle enhancements, you’d expect compromised battery life. Now, Apple claims the same figures as iPad 2, with ten hours of Wi-Fi web surfing, nine hours on a mobile network and ten hours of video or music. Although longevity is pretty good given the power and resolution boost you’re getting, we found some differences compared to the previous ’Pad.
In testing we noticed a quickening in battery drain with the new iPad when browsing, viewing and creating content when compared to iPad 2. Watching a two-hour HD movie on both devices reduced 10 per cent more of the third-gen’s battery, while overnight energy seepage clocked in at six per cent, compared to zero from iPad 2.
General, non-intensive use reduced the battery by about 10 per cent per hour, which is bang on Apple’s claimed drainage. Our major gripe, though, is that the new iPad still takes an excessive amount of time to reach full charge.

It’s at least six hours using a mains charger and near double that via USB from a computer. Yes, the battery lasts a decent while but if you’re used to the speedy re-juicing of most mobile devices, this will irritate.

New iPad 3: Dictation

Voice dictation is now supported wherever you see the virtual keyboard – tap the mic button, say your piece, tap it again and it’ll jot down your babble. It’s not Siri, so you can’t command it, or ask questions about the weather, or Thailand, but recognition is fairly accurate, though you will have to perform some manual editing, especially with longer messages.
Short replies or single sentences are generally free of error.

New iPad 3: Verdict

The new iPad 3 is an improved version of the best tablet on the market, which makes the new iPad our number 1 slate by default. We’ll see more true quad core tablets from Apple’s rivals before 2013, and they might boast some snazzier features too, but what they won’t have is the might of the App Store behind them.

For us, that remains the prime reason why iPads sell loads and others don’t. It’s Apple’s trump card, its tech golden ticket, and Google and Microsoft will have to nail their digital lockers before seriously challenging. iPad 2 accessories are also forward-compatible, including Smart Covers, camera kit, AV adaptors and docks.
One paradoxical twist is that too much content could be a problem here. Retina-optimised apps, 1080p video and hi-res photos come in seriously hefty file sizes - Nicolas Winding Refn’ HD Drive movie comes in at more than 3Gb, for example.
As a result, the 16GB version ($399) sounds like a non-starter if you’re any kind of power user, meaning Apple will probably sell a lot more of the 64GB model ($559) – how upsetting for it. Yet even that could get eaten up fast, mind.
So, should you upgrade from iPad 2? Only if you want a clearer picture and slightly faster web browsing.
iPad 4 before Christmas, anyone?

The new iPad goes on sale at Apple's retail stores and the Apple Online March 16, 2012

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Benefits Of Cell Phone Repair

Since their introduction in the consumer market, cell phones have come a long way from being a tool meant for mere communication to the state of art Smart phones we can find today. Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and many other reputed manufacturers are offering phones that have a host of features such as wireless connectivity, web browsing, megapixel camera, global positioning system, and many more. Whenever our treasured phone malfunctions, instead of trying cell phone repair, many of us opt to replace the faulty phone as immediately as possible.There are several reasons as to why we should always try to get the phone repaired before actually replacing it. The foremost reason is the cost factor. While getting your phone repaired may cost you anywhere around a $50 to $200; replacing the phone would mean that you will have to bear the total cost of the phone which may range up to thousands of dollars. Another commonly faced issue with replacing the cell phone is data loss. You may be able to get rid of the malfunction by replacing the phone; however chances are that you might have to suffer some data loss as well. Getting the faulty cell phone repaired may save you from losing any vital data such as contacts, passwords, files, etc.If you are looking to get you cell phone repaired, you can find a number of reputed electronic service centre offering cell phone repair services. All these centers perform almost every possible electronic repair at unbelievably reasonable charges. These centers usually have a team of qualified electronic servicing professionals to cater to your every repair need. The staff at these electronic service centers specializes in repairing all types of mobile phone; hence, regardless of whether you are looking for Blackberry repair or HTC repair, any good service center will be able to handle the issue. Furthermore, in case they fail to repair the faulty phone, they just might give you a good price for it as they can use its parts to perform their future repair jobs.            

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why You Should Have A Cell Phone

A cell phone is a portable, lengthy-vary, electronic gadget used for portable communication. Apart from the uniform voice function of a cell phone ,the cellular phones that we now have in market instantly support many extra options like SMS or short messaging service for sending and receiving text messages, sending or receiving email, storing contact data, make reminders or to-do lists, utilizing the inbuilt calculator for performing easy mathematics, get every kind of details about leisure, sports, information or stock quotes by means of packet switching via the Web, taking part in video games, watching TV, sending or receiving MMS for pictures and videos and incorporate different devices like digi cam, MP3 participant, GPS receiver etc.
You can’t do without it, however you simply can ignore the humble cell phone that has made its option to nearly each person`s pockets. With the rise in use of cell phones the question about its well being and environmental hazards has additionally risen. There has been a number of debates relating to the difficulty whether cell phones are certainly chargeable for most cancers or any other kind of health risk. There are some researches that firmly say that utilizing cell phones can indeed cause brain damage. Linking the cell phone with causes of most cancers has additionally been a favorite topic of argument. Though it stays a controversial subject until date but the reality is that there is no such thing as a solid analysis that can prove that cell phone usage has any connection to cancer. Only dangerous so far linked to cell phones is talking and texting while driving.
In the present day you might be spoilt for selections when it comes to buying a cell phone. You may have all types of phones like digi cam phones, video phones, FM phones and what not. In case you’re floored by the various choices then listed below are some tips that you could consider before buying a handset.
WI-Fi mode: it is preferable to make use of twin-mode phones that support each analog and digital than single-mode phones. That is especially necessary if you should use your cell phone in rural areas and never simply the primary city.
Design: there are many styles to select from, like flip-open or non-flips, clam-shell-type phones; candy bar-design phones or slider fashion, or swivel phones that will twist open. Flip phones look stylish but tend to interrupt simply and aren’t appropriate for rough handling.
Measurement and weight: the most important characteristic of a cell phone is its portability. As we speak all of the leading cell corporations are in competitors to make the lightest and the slimmest phone. You may select one based on your budget.
Battery life: choose a cell phone that provides you maximum battery life with a minimum of 4 hours talk time and 2 to six days on standby. Keep in mind that battery utilization will depend on your phone usage and the network signal. Do not forget equipment like car battery charger and adapter.
Display screen: you need to go for a PDA phone if you are planning to send lists of messages or ceaselessly go online.
With the increase in number of cell phones in a single individual`s hands itself; cell phone etiquette has turn into an equally vital issue. You could find the irritating noise of cell phone ringers in probably the most inappropriate locations like funerals, cinema halls and concert events, hospitals and plays. Some individuals have the irritating behavior of speaking in public with an unusually loud voice in any respect places which has led to many locations like libraries, e-book outlets, theaters, houses of worship and doctors` chambers to ban cell phone use. You must be taught the basics of cell phone etiquettes after which try to make use of it in public.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cell Phone Jammers Not Just For Spy's

A Philadelphia man was caught red handed this week for using a cell phone jammer to keep his fellow passengers on a public transit bus from using their cell phones.
“I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands,” he told a reporter from NBC  10 about the illegal jammer, “and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.”
Teresa Masterson, a writer at NBC 10, first encountered the jammer on her morning commute and tipped off NBC Investigators.  
While riding the bus, my cell phone signal suddenly went out, which is not normal, and continued to search for a signal for 15 minutes? After a little while, I noticed that everyone else on the bus on his/her cell was having the same problem. Then, I see this guy (pictured at right). He’s openly holding something that looks like a walkie talkie with four antennae in his hand the whole time. Anytime someone would try their cell again, this guy would subtly turn in their direction, press a button and point it at them, then continue reading his book under his creepy hood… I’m pretty sure it was one of those devices that cuts off signals; Jennifer Lopez used one in Enough, so that’s all the scientific analysis I need.
It should go without saying that such a device is illegal. A jammer, which blocks radio frequencies, isn’t just limited to blocking personal cell phone use, but all communication tools that use these frequencies. What does this mean? Essentially that the jammer that lessens the din of personal conversations on your M-14 bus also has the potential to cut off communication between the driver and dispatch centers or public agencies, which could result in a public safety snafu—or disaster. Jammers also block incoming calls, which means that if used for an extended period you prevent anyone in your vicinity from hearing pressing, even emergency, news.
But while today’s news and ensuing outrage online is all over a single man, the practice of jamming cell phones is actually much more commonplace on the rails in both New York and Washington DC. I spoke to two such “jammers” this morning on what led them to buy devices, which range from $40 to more than $10,000 on websites like Jammerall.com. Some boast radiuses of as little as 15 feet while others claim they’re used on military vehicles and for anti-terrorism maneuvers.
“They’re the best thing ever,” says one New Jersey to New York daily commuter who carries a jammer on his 40-minute New Jersey Transit ride each morning. He doesn’t keep it on for the entire ride, he says, just when a fellow passenger talks “too loud” or “too long.” “It fits in your pocket – they even make shady ones that look like packs of cigarettes. I’d guess it’s effective for about a 15 ft radius, possibly more,” he says.
“When I’ve used it, it’s to cut off a loud talker on the train that’s sitting near me.” He says he bought it online from a website that imports the devices from China, where they’re legal and, when asked, told me he’s never felt guilty for keeping his fellow rail riders from conversations. “No guilt,” he says, “Just personal high fives.”
“I always have a grace period with phone calls,” says another jammer who rides the MARC train into Washington DC,roughly 30-minute ride. “Like if someone is saying ‘Okay, well, I’ll be in the office in 10 minutes we can discuss it then,’ I won’t jam them. But if you are talking about what you did last night and what kind of curtains to get for the house, then yes. Silenced.”
Does he feel guilty? Like he’s causing a public disservice? Not so much. “People get super pissed off and bitch about their phones all the time. But I feel it gives me some control against what I believe is becoming an increasingly inconsiderate society.”
“I am not a threat to public safety,” he says. “I am not putting anyone in danger more than anyone on a subway every morning with no cell reception is in danger.”

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