Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now Offering Ipod Touch Repairs!

Hello again blog readers! We’ve launched another exciting new line of repairs for your iPod Touch, 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation and are ready to take your iPod Touch repair orders.
Just click here for our list of available iPod Touch Repairs -
We’re constantly working with the top vendors in the world to supply us with high-quality, low-cost service parts to bring you the best service available. It’s just the way we do it. If you find yourself in need of an iPod Touch repair…look no further.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

STOP Texting While Walking!

How many times has it happened to you, that your texting while walking and somebody bumped you into strangers when crossing the street or moving on the footpath? Probably, you were too involved with texting that you hardly forgot everything else and a car’s honking brought you back to the surrounding reality!
It’s just not you who faces this situation, texting while walking can become rather a growing epidemic.
Don’t be surprised if mentioned that a study conducted by two professors from Stony Brook University, New York, have revealed that people lose their ability to exist within their surrounding reality more often from texting, rather than talking.

It is recognized universally that texting and talking on the cell phones when driving can lead to hazardous accidents.  However, when it comes to texting, you lose track of where you are since your texting binge can get you completely indulged in it. That doesn’t sound less dangerous than having an accident either.
Not just that, lawmakers claim that texting is becoming more of serious threat, not just when on the road driving, but on the footpath walking as well. Many states within the US have already passed laws to ban texting while driving, but to top it off, New Jersey is the first state to pass a law against the texting while walking. It has been  marked as an illegal activity and a fine of $85 will be issued to anyone who is caught texting while walking. Believe it or not, texting has the same effects on your brain as that following alcohol consumption.
Labeled as  ‘dangerous walkers’, New Jersey Police department shows records of 74 reported crashes in 2011 that involved pedestrians who got distracted while they were busy texting away. The study by the two Stony Brook University professors reveals that it becomes difficult to walk on a straight path while typing a text message. That’s 117 violations and 3 deaths due to texting while walking. Bizarre as it may seem, but people can actually end up getting in jail for public violation … for texting!! Imagine the situation of being fined or sent to jail just because you were… texting! But, a crime, no matter how, big or small, is a crime!
In fact, the ban might even advance to banning listening to iPods or mp3 players while walking or running. Kids prefer texting as a better and affordable alternative to making calls. Which is why, it makes them more prone to this rather solemn dilemma.
You can control this… With cell phone monitoring applications, you can quite sufficiently curb this habit of texting and keep a watch on your kids’ activities. Installing the application on their phones will not only let you know where they are going or which place they are traveling to, but will also help you monitor their SMS and other phone activities. Besides, at the end of the day, you’re the one who pays for the fine your kids are issues with.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Use An Unlocked iPhone

You finally decided to buy an unlocked iPhone, you can use that cell phone on any GSM carrier service that you want. If you no longer wish to use AT&T for whatever reasons you may have, simply put in SIM card from T-Mobile or whichever carrier of your choice.   You can also use an unlocked iPhone when you travel worldwide by using a microSIM that is accessible on a pre-paid network in the country of your choice

If you do not purchase a microSIM from the company, you may want to consider cutting your SIM card with a SIM cutter. These are generally cheap in price and cut accurately. You can insert the card into the SIM slot afterward and then connect your iPhone to iTunes, where it will sync. iTunes will pick up your information by way of the microSIM, although it should be noted that if you are using your iPhone on T-Mobile in the United States, you will not get 3G speeds unless you are in certain areas of the Northwest. You will receive slower EDGE speeds, and FaceTime and MMS also will not work. However, regular calls will be perfectly fine, and you can download apps via the App Store to your heart’s desire.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Learn How To Get Cash For Your Old Cell Phones

You must be reading this article because you want to know how to get some extra money from your old cell phones.  If that’s the case you have come to the right place.   Cell Phone Doctor just started offering a new service, we buy old and used cell phones.  Have old unused cell phones laying around the house just taking up space?  Then we have a solution for you, sell them to Cell Phone Doctor for cash in your pocket.  We added new feature to our web site, www.thecellphonedoc.com, which allows you to put in your make and model of your mobile phone and it will generate the price we are willing to pay you for that item.  Not only are we going to pay you for your no longer used phones, we also will provide a free shipping label, so there is no cost to you what so ever.  So what are you waiting for?  Go pull out those old phones and visit our site and get paid today!  

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Nokia Lumia 900 Screen Repair

Summer is finally here and I’m sure some of you have been waiting for your upgrades!  Hmmmm what to get though is a tough question to answer these days.  Depending how much you keep up with phone technology since it changes about every week, but you might have read the Apple Co-Found Steve Wozniak went on record saying how impressed he was with the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows phone and was more beautiful than the iPhone or Android operating systems.  Steve made this public comment during a podcast interview and called the new Lumia “intuitive and beautiful”.  Don’t get ahead of yourself though, he also said that iPhone 4s is and will remain his phone of choice and saying that the Windows phones need to improve their app selection and few other things as well. 

Depending if you want to jump on the band wagon or not, you might want to get one especially since they are only $99.00 with  a new contract vs. $200 for the iPhone 4s or $300 for the new Samsung Note that just came out recently.  No matter what you choose, now that the Cell Phone Doctor is here for any screen repairs needed on your new Lumia . 

Don’t forget that broken or cracked screens are NOT covered by your manufactures warranty and they will turn you away when you show up wanting a cell phone repair.  That’s why Cell Phone Doctor is here and bringing you one of our newest services, NokiaLumia 900 Screen Repair service.  Check out our site by clicking here.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Text Spam Annoying You Too?

We all get trash sent to our emails.  But more and more often, con artists and even genuine promoters are sending junk email to clients with undesirable texts on their cell phones.

“Spam is any kind of undesirable email,” said AT&T speaker Alejandra Arango. “Sometimes there can be terms and conditions and clients never understand that when they decided to get something it comes connected with a couple other things.”

“It is a big deal,” said Mark Farr, CEO of Addison technological innovation advisor Farr Systems. “It’s either promotion or, much more often, it’s identification fraud.”

Last summer a texts research company said 68-percent of the U.S. people is suffering from texts trash.

Preventing trash from attaining your phone is simple enough, professionals said. NEVER answer.

“The purpose is to get you to communicate because if you communicate you are verifying that you have a real variety and they actually found a person,” Farr described, “so they are fishing.”

Most cellular phones now have built-in malware, but sometimes undesirable trash will get through the narrow filter. Which is why companies like Dallas-based AT&T are working to stop the concept designers.

“We are strongly battling it in the legal courts,” Arango said, “and we’ve seen that it has considerably decreased the amount of trash.”

Consumers can do their part as well. As soon as a trash message is obtained, send it to 7726, which actually spells‘spam’ on a switch pad. Your company will release a research.

“Because we know it is such a problem for our clients and we want to produce the best cellular experience,” Arango said.

“The other thing that the services have is probably the greatest device,” Farr said. “a lot of them will allow you to block phone numbers.”

Depending on the service company, features to individually block numbers may be free or charge a small fee.