Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Beginning...

Hello valued customers my name is Seth Tompkins and I am the new head of web marketing here at The Cell Phone Doctor. I will be in charge of updating this blog frequently from now on, check back every week for new posts and critical news on phone defects/repair.

We here at Cell Phone Doctor are currently in the process of making several important changes to our web presence, mainly cosmetic alterations such as uniform image sizes and a smoother overall flow. If you experience any issues with the sight or notice that some of our new changes are faulty please feel free to contact us in order to let us know.

Along with some visual alterations we are striving to make our online used phone store component competitive with top grade buying/selling services. This requires increasing our current phone inventory while also maintaining a healthy amount of traffic on the site. If you have an old phone, no matter how old, and you are looking to make some extra cash check out our Sell Your Phone section. You will get a price quote on your phone as soon as you tell our system which device you have and we even provide a printable shipping label for fast and easy delivery too our store.

Check this blog often for breaking repair news and continuous updates about the state of our site overhaul.

Seth Tompkins