Thursday, April 3, 2014

BEST - Samsung Galaxy S V

Samsung has done it again!  They are the best!  I thought my Kindle was all I needed for impulse buys.  Mind you, most of those buys are e-books as I am an avid reader (avid may be too mild a word).  I wasn't just stuck with Amazon for my buys as I can go anywhere on the internet and pay with Pay Pal (my second favorite company).  The Samsung Galaxy S V has incorporated its Fingerprint Sensor with PayPal.  Once you have registered your device with PayPal and linked your fingerprint to the device and to PayPal, you can go shopping.  No stopping to think - just your fingerprint.  This gives impulse shopping a whole new name.  It is an exciting idea.  Not so good for those of us with impulse problems, but, then, that is what returns are for.  Samsung gets my vote every year.



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