Thursday, September 18, 2014

What about Respect?

We don't hear much anymore about the white supremacists and the skinheads.  It doesn't mean they have gone away.  It does mean we have worked hard at not allowing them to be the voice of the United States or of Christianity.  Yet, some of the Arab nations seem to think they are impressing us with their "back to the first century" groups (including Isis, al-Qaeda, etc.)  And, they are allowing those voices to be their voice.  Christianity says "turn the other cheek."  Islam says "jihad."  And, being alive in the 21st century says there is enough room on this planet for us all to live and co-exist.  If you don't like the United States and what it stands for, don't live here, don't visit, don't have anything to do with us.  We will be happy to return the favor.  If I don't like your country and what it stands for, I won't live there or visit.  I prefer peace.  I will back my government on their stand to fight for that peace and that independence.  Maybe instead of "liking," we should try for "respect."


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