Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What happens if your cell phone breaks before your contract is up?

It’s rare for a person to purchase a cell phone, along with a two-year upgrade or cell phone plan, and not have anything go wrong with the phone. Two years is a long time to rely on one phone, especially when this phone functions in so many different ways. Wouldn’t you agree that your cell phone:

  • Plays double-duty as your business phone on many occasions (or all the time if you own your own small business)
  • Is used as your home phone as well since many people these days have given up their land-line
  • Holds all of your contact information
  • Connects you to the Internet
  • Records videos and photos of your family and friends
  • Organizes your day-to-day activities
If this list rings true for you, your cell phone is much more than an accessory in your purse or pocket, and the last thing you need is for it to break or get damaged before your two-year contract is up.

Do you know what your options are if your cell phone breaks before your contract is up? You can choose to pay a premium price to replace it—sometimes as much as a few hundred dollars. We think the smarter route to take is to bring it to our shop. The CellPhone Doctor can repair phones of any make and model and we back up our service with a 30-day warranty.

Our level 3 certified technicians can solder broken phones, fix water damaged cell phones, repair cracked screens, and more.

We understand how much you rely on your phone everyday, and we encourage you to check us out if your mobile phone is in need of repair.

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