Thursday, July 31, 2014

Should I Get that New Cell Phone?

Doesn't it seem like that as soon as you buy a new cell phone a newer version comes out?  Well, you are right!  The LG3, the iPhone 6, the HTC Desire, a new Nokia Lumia and the Galaxy S 5 are out.  The only truly new phone out there is the Amazon Fire (and, only with AT&T).  So, do you wait?  If so, you will NEVER get a newer cell phone.  By the time you debate the pros and cons, the next version is available. What you can do is buy the current (or earlier) version - the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S 4, etc.  We have these phones, and many others, at our store locations as well as online.  Because, yes, there are individuals out there that "need" the new version.  Or, their carrier is letting them trade up for another couple of years on their contract. Come check out our stock. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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