Friday, October 24, 2014

Voting, Part 5

Decided last night I should check out the dictionary and find out exactly what liberal and conservative mean. Neither word included the words Democrat or Republican.  The words are about ideals. 

Conservative: Someone who believes in the established and traditional practices in politics and society.  In other words, if it has worked for the last 200 years, why change it?  I understand that - change is a scary thing.

It doesn't matter that life has changed in 200 years.  Maybe politics should, too. 

Liberal: Associated with the ideals of the individual, especially economic freedom, greater individual participation in government; including constitutional, political and administrative reforms designed to secure these objectives. In other words, people who want to be more involved in the say of how our government is being run.

Nowhere did it say that Conservatives must be church goers and that Liberals are a bunch of pot heads. It is about ideals. Who do you want representing you in your local/state/national government? There is nothing wrong with wanting things to stay the same.  There is, also, nothing wrong with wanting growth and change. What do you think will work best for you?


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